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  • ExtremeTech


    ExtremeTech is the Web’s top destination for news and analysis of emerging science and technology trends, and important software, hardware, and gadgets.

  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Will Lockett

    Will Lockett

    Science writer of space, environment, and technology. I show you the wonders and terrors of our universe & its future. Follow me at www.facebook.com/welockett

  • Steven Johnson

    Steven Johnson

    Writer. 13 books. (Latest: Extra Life.) TV/Podcast Host (Extra Life, American Innovations.) Brooklyn/Marin. Speech inquiries: wesn at leighbureau dot com.

  • Alex Mallory

    Alex Mallory

    As the Founder & President of Competitive Edge Tutoring, Alex Mallory is dedicated to providing academic solutions to all. Learn more @ http://alexmallory.net/.

  • Max Sysoev

    Max Sysoev

    Yandex Advertising Network; Self-motivated; JavaScript ❤️

  • Chih-Min Chao

    Chih-Min Chao

  • Gabe Meikle

    Gabe Meikle

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